Svenzva Exhibits brings hands on robotics and science exhibits to engage, teach and inspire. We offer a number of turn key exhibits for Science and Children's museums.

Svenzva has a great team with many areas of expertise, allowing for exhibits to be built from the ground up.

If you have a dream robotics exhibit, odds are we can help make it a reality.

Mechanical Design

We take ideas to reality with our mechanical design team that design complex robotic system designed for robustness and engagement

Electrical Design

We bring modern, cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to our A.I. exhibits with computer vision, machine learning and human-robot interaction

Educational STEM Engagement

All our exhibits are designed with engagement in mind. Our goal is to bring hands-on experiences to children in the STEM areas

"Everyone is a student if they refuse to stop learning."


Our turn key exhibits are priced and sized in a way to lower the barrier for bringing robotics exhibits to your museum.

Below are a couple of the projects Svenzva Exhibits has developed to help introduce robotics to new groups.

Revel Pick n' Drop

The Revel Pick N' Drop incorporates a research grade robot arm with teleoperation via joysticks.

Children develop an intuitive sense of how robots can be used in the real world in areas like manufacturing, nuclear waste handling, remote sugery, and remote inspection - all of which use robot arms.

The Pick N' Drop exhibit contains tethered objects that automatically reset themselves once dropped.

Skylark - Cable Driven Soft Robot

A recent trend in robotics is so-called 'soft robotics' which, when compared to traditional robotics are

safer, cheaper and capable of unique types of movement

Project Skylark is a soft robot arm that has no electronics

All its movement is caused by the contraction and relaxation of cables, in the same way tendons contract and relax to enable movement in the human body. Children use the Skylark arm to either dunk or throw foam basketballs into basketball hoops.


Interested in bringing robotics to your museum? Have an idea for an electro-mechanical exhibit?

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